Project DVA have been active since 2006. Their big debut entitled Fonók (which also scored in the WMCE chart) was released by Indies Scope in Brno two years later. It was successfully followed by the release of the two albums, the Hu and the Nipomo; the latter under its own Home Table label. They combine many genres in their music, including cabaret, circus numbers, beatbox, freak folk, acoustic and electronic music - according to the duo, it is a variation of pop without specific borders and boundaries with its own (fictional) language. An important item in their discography is the previously mentioned soundtrack for the Botanicula game. DVA have successfully managed to get their microcosms on Botanicula to the next level. The experience has been strengthened by them once again revisiting their childhood, their frolics with individual melodic elements while the vocal inserts work and click into each other like the most beautiful kaleidoscope,” emphasizes Dan Hájek at the end of his review on musicserver.cz; everything that was said also applies to their new musical adventure on Cherries On Air (Chuchel Soundtrack).

Upcoming Shows

July 25
Brno (CZ) Pop Messe
August 24
Žamberk (CZ) Ejhle, loutka
August 31
Hradec Králové (CZ) Festival Kefír
September 07
Ostopovice (CZ) Husa na dálnici
October 16
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