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Manon Meurt's new album finally releasedPlay

Manon Meurt's new album finally released

Intricate structures with an intertwining of spontaneity and randomness, meeting the diverse genre influences of the band members from medieval music to shoegaze to noise. That is Unravel, the new album, and first in six years, from Czech band Manon Meurt.

"Unravel reflects the different stages of dissociation, a person's thoughts, observations - whether of the environment or of oneself - and admiration for the beauty and cruelty that nature mirrors," multi-instrumentalist and lyricist Kateřina Elznicová says of the album.

Produced by Eddie Steven’s (Freakpower, Zero 7, Moloko, Róisín Murphy) the album was pieced together from recorded fragments, meticulously pieced together. The title Unravel refers to the development of the band, unravelling what they are to find the full potential of their music as well as uncovering the layered nature of the songs and emotions.

The combination of industrial material with plant motifs in the work Untitled_1 by Ukrainian artist Liza Libenko, which adorns the cover of Unravel, strongly attracted the band. After all, floral motifs have always been close to Manon Meurt's music. Libenko, a student of the Academy of Fine Arts and a finalist of the prestigious Austrian Strabag Artaward International Prize, has recently been working on overcoming the narrative boundaries of the canvas, the paintings "attack" the viewer. Sunflowers are a powerful symbol of life and the sun; in Libenko's paintings they are black and burnt, serving as an allegory for contemporary conditions. The work was photographed by photographer and artist Marcel Rozhoň, and the final processing of the Unravel album was done by graphic artist Zuzana Malá.

The album Unravel is released right now on all streaming platforms, CD and 180 gram LP in two colour variants.

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The second single from the forthcoming album UnravelPlay

The second single from the forthcoming album Unravel

Ambient industrial planes laced with electronics and pop as well as an attractive elusiveness—this is the new song Timeless from Czech band Manon Meurt. The second single from the forthcoming album Unravel, produced by Eddie Stevens, is coming out on Minority Records.

“Genre-wise, Timeless is an antipole of our autumn single Mirrors. Eddie has widened our sound spectrum and on Timeless, he emphasized the dynamics and the way we tell the story,” the drummer Jiří Bendl says.

British producer and musician Eddie Stevens became famous for his collaboration with Moloko and Róisín Murphy, however, he has been gaining accolades on the Czech and Slovak music scene as well where he has produced several award-winning albums.

“Timeless was written during the evenings on the way from work in trams and in the car, where life’s hum intensifies. Everyone is headed somewhere, in a rush, and the horizon is changing colour above all this, as if to oppose the hustle and bustle with its magnificence and to remind us of the triviality of this haste, of its fleetingness. I enjoy watching this hum, it reminds me how great it is that I can disconnect from it for a moment and just take in the present moment,” explained Kateřina Elznicová, the author of the lyrics and multi-instrumentalist, about the origin of the song.

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