Botanicula Soundtrack

Botanicula Soundtrack


About Release

  • format LP/DL
  • release date 24. 04. 2012
  • cat. # MIN30

Music composed and recorded by DVA
Mastered by Ondřej Ježek at Jámor Studio, Prague, Czech Republic
Cover design © Jaromír Plachý, 2012

Lacquer cuts by Daniel Krieger at SST Brueggemann GmbH in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Album is pressed on 180 gram audiophile vinyl at Pallas Group GmbH, Diepholz, Germany

Each copy features three large format inserts with art reproductions by Jaromír Plachý and a coupon with a code to download MP3/FLAC versions of the album


Bára Kratochvílová ― vocals, clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone, melodica, wind "midicontroler" and other toys
Jan Kratochvíl ― guitar, banjo, looping, kitchen beatbox and vocals

Press Quotes

"Each song is wonderfully charming and crafted and the overall sound arc makes me feel like Sigur Ros made a childrens TV programme. It’s beautiful, personable and darn right jolly." ― HIGHER PLAIN MUSIC

"Much like the also-deft Tomáš Dvořák on the Minority imprint, DVA’s music, for the most part, is vivid, vibrant, and just-plain fun, chartering the listener to all sorts of aural terrain with imaginative bleep/bloop (it’s amazing how much I have to use this descriptor), cut-up samples, cheesy synth leads, all manner of chopsticks-on-coffee-can percussive touches, and a glut of instruments including bass clarinet, saxophone, melodica, wind “midicontroler,” kitchen beat box, and a lot more." ― TINY MIX TAPES

“On ‘Botanicula’, the band Dva have successfully moved their microcosm to another level. They intensified the delights by their repeatedly and tangibly relived childhood, their games with individual melodic elements and vocal interjections fit together like the most beautiful kaleidoscope. The music for ‘Botanicula’ itself holds together and melts into one whole. Listening to it you will be swept away by the pace of the playing and the variety of the musicality.” ― MUSICSERVER

“The atmosphere of the songs is oftentimes supplemented by shrieks or singing in the ‘botanicula’ language, that is understood only by the flowers and trees, but that does not matter here at all. This childlike and rich musical key opens a gate into an entirely different, adventurous world that you have never heard before. DVA has done it again. They managed to return to the childhood years. They paint playful, Dadaist-infantile musical pictures that consist of strange as well as entirely common sounds that will bring a schoolchild’s smile back to your face.” ― METALOPOLIS

“With their home-made approach and their ability to use the various software available, digital aids, loopers and tricks, Dva are an example of the current democratisation of music. They are a proof that a rich soundtrack does not need to be created in a well-equipped studio that is inaccessible to a regular person; it is a democratisation of music that―with a relief―means that Jan Kratochvíl can accept his award at the Independent Game Festival in San Francisco in his sweater and cargo pants―dressed just as he would be going for a smoke behind the stands at the Dukla football match in Pardubice.” ― HIS VOICE