About Release

  • format LP/CD/DL
  • release date 26. 04. 2024
  • cat. # MIN70

Produced by Eddie Stevens
Executive producer: Daniel Dudarec
Recorded by Lukáš Martinek & Eddie Stevens between August and October 2023 at Svárov Studio, Svárov, Czech Republic
Mixed by Eddie Stevens at Roast Mutton Sandwich Studios, London, United Kingdom
Mastered by Darius van Helfteren at Amsterdam Mastering, Diemen, The Netherlands

Band photo © Stanislav Kohout, 2024
Cover design © Zuzana Malá, 2024
Front cover object „Untitled_1“ by Liza Libenko, 2024

Lacquer cuts by Daniel Krieger at SST GmbH, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Album is pressed on 180 gram audiophile vinyl at Pallas Group GmbH, Diepholz, Germany

Each vinyl copy features download coupon with a code to download FLAC version of the album


Kateřina Elznicová ― vocals, guitars, bass guitar, bouzouki, lyre, violoncello, mandolin
Kryštof Korčák ― guitars, Saracen lute
David Tichý ― synths, noises, electric organ, piano, Fender Rhodes, xylophone
Jiří Bendl ― drums, percussion

Press Quotes

"Sharpe 2024 was full of musical surprises and discoveries, one of the best of which was Czech quartet Manon Meurt. Rarely do I hear a rock band that sound so unique, effortlessly shapeshifting musically and emotionally through a set that was utterly transcendent and mindblowing." ― Kevin Cole (KEXP)

"In a packed show, Manon Meurt proved themselves to be one of the best bands in Europe, without a doubt. Showcasing their first album in six years ‘Unravel’, the Czech band has built on their shoegaze styles to be an aural black hole sucking in all genres in their periphery, Swirls of dreampop and shoegaze, big grunge riffs, all manner of electronic styles (dubstep, techno, ambient) and even flourishes of free jazz. All this was performed with inch-perfect perfection, their show was a stunning realisation of one of the best albums of the year." ― James Thornhill (Under The Radar, Electronic Sound)

"Droning ambient mixed with doomy garage rock, what’s not to love? I’ve never heard anything like Unravel before, and damn is it exciting. If you are looking for a truly unique experience, this is the one for you!" ― EVERYTHING IS NOISE

"Unravel is the sound of a band fully coming into their own. A delicate balance of introspection and dynamism, it holds your attention throughout with a mature and meticulously crafted approach. Moreover, Manon Meurt don’t just engage the inner muso. They also make you feel every shake and tear of this vast, intense, immersive sound." ― GOD IS IN THE TV ZINE

"Unravel's presence is fragile, but it manages to engulf you with Manon Meurt's previously unthinkable musical maneuvers. The band manages to squeeze a good deal of dynamism and observational skill into the result, which are other hallmarks of this Cancerian outfit. The record swells with imagery and a firmly anchored maturity to write complexly layered compositions, yet still maintain integrity. Last but not least, it fascinates with its slow motion imagination and drifts through the time interval between dusk and the early spring dawn." ― MUSICSERVER.CZ / Album of the Week

"Especially in the gradual passages, it can sound as if the individual instruments are perhaps in conflict with each other in a frantic sword fight. But the blows go where they are supposed to, with clearly defined trajectories. The presence of chaos is only an appearance. Manon Meurt's new compositions set high standards not only on themselves but also on the listener, but they do so lightly and humbly." ― FULLMOON MAGAZINE