Manon Meurt

Manon Meurt

Current shows

April 27th-29th - Bratislava (SK), Sharpe Music Festival
May 26th-27th - Buštěhrad (CZ), Bushfest Open Air

"...Očekávání se naplnila, Manon Meurt natočili jeden z nejpůsobivějších debutů na domácí scéně. Lze namítnout, že jejich hudba není v dnešní době nijak originální, nejdůležitější jsou však silné písničky – a těch má kapela dostatek."

"...Their mix of shoe-gaze rock with catchy melodies is true ear candy, and their natural stage presence makes us think that this young band is in for a great future in music."
Eurosonic Noorderslag

"...A widescreen beauty filled with shimmering guitarscapes, ethereal vocals and perfectly timed crescendo's which ebb in flow in unison as a blissful shoegaze tapestry is slowly painted. Completely more-ish."
Just Music I Like

"...These six tracks are a beguiling introduction to a band who let their music breathe. While many gazers heap track upon track, Manon Meurt’s songs are spacious and special.”
Primal Music Blog