Tom Hodge & Floex - Je Suis Karl Soundtrack (LP/DL)


1. Lost Future
2. Slow Deep Dive (Intro Version)
3. Lonely Choice
4. In Motion
5. Twisted Plans
6. Grief Process
7. Distorted Idea
8. Absent Mind
9. Acceptance
10. Event Flow
11. Slow Deep Dive (Alex Version)
12. Deep Dive (JSK Version)
13. Twisted Plans (Red Club Version)
14. Strange Love


Written, recorded, produced and mixed by
Tom Hodge and Tomáš Dvořák

Mastered by Matouš Godík at ZKA4T Studio, Prague, Czech Republic.
Artwork © Propaganda B, 2021
Photo © Sammy Hart, 2021
Cover design © Carton Clan, 2021

Published by Universal Music Publishing on behalf of
Leland Originals Publishing Ltd.

Je Suis Karl is a German drama film directed by Christian Schwochow from a screenplay by Thomas Wendrich

DMM transfer by Hendrik Pauler at Pauler Acoustics.

Album is pressed on 180 gram audiophile vinyl at
Pallas Group GmbH, Diepholz, Germany.

Each vinyl copy features a coupon with a code to download FLAC version of the album.

Available at online digital and streaming services:

Tom Hodge & Floex