Madhouse Session

Madhouse Session


About Release

  • format CD/DL
  • release date 10. 10. 2020
  • cat. # MIN53

Produced by Zabelov Group
Executive producer: Daniel Dudarec
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jan Šikl
Graphic design © Carton Clan, 2021
Photos © Tomáš Vlček, 2020


Roman Zabelov ― accordion, vocals, synthesizers
Jan Šikl ― drums, trumpet, guitar

Press Quotes

"Unexpected, intrinsic music. Blending together sparse electronics with jazz flourishes, this duo manage to be both complex and effortless all at once." ― DIY MAGAZINE

"It takes a little while to wrap your head around the quirks and offshoots embedded within Zabelov and Šikl’s music, but once it clicks you’ll have a hard time ignoring it." ― ALLTHINGSLOUD

"It is jazz, and it is not jazz. It is modernism, but full of tradition at the same time. It is a semi-improvised, complex musical structure thats swirls with a perfectionistic care about every sound and every detail." ― BEEHY.PE