Hidden Orchestra - Creaks: Bonus, Live & Remixes (DL)


Joe Acheson ― piano, zither, analog synth, double bass, bass guitar, harmonium, percussion, live electronics, hammered dulcimer, kantele, glockenchimes, organ, drums, programming
Rebecca Knight ― cello (2,3,7,10,14)
Jack McNeill ― clarinet, bass clarinet (2,6,7,9,14,16)
Jamie Graham ― drums (2,6,7,8)
Yvo Ackroyd Acheson ― shakers (1)
Tim Lane ― drums, cymbals (1,3,6,8)
Poppy Ackroyd ― piano, percussion, programming (6)
Matouš Godík ― sound design (8,12,16)
Ali Tocher ― bells (11)

Written and produced by Joe Acheson
Remixes and additional production by Joe Acheson (Hidden Orchestra), Tomáš Dvořák (Floex), Poppy Ackroyd, Tommy Perman, Ben Lukas Boysen, Matouš Godík (ZKA4T) and Lukáš Kunce (chiefko)
Live tracks recorded live at neimënster in Luxembourg, May 2022
Live sound engineered by Tim Southorn
Mixed by Tim Southorn and Joe Acheson at Hackney Road Studios, London, United Kingdom
Mastered by Matouš Godík at ZKA4T Studio in Prague, Czech Republic

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Hidden Orchestra