August 26 2021

The 26th of August belongs to Zátopek, both on celluloid and on vinyl, as David Ondříček’s eponymous biopic is premiered in Czech cinemas and the accompanying soundtrack Zátopek by composer, singer, pianist, producer and two-time Anděl Award winner Beata Hlavenková hits the stores.
The soundtrack to Zátopek features both the grandeur of an orchestral tapestry and the intimacy of Hlavenková’s piano-playing. Guest stars who were invited to participate in the recording of the album include trumpeter Oskar Török and bassist Rasťo Uhrík.

The 14 tracks owe their final sound to the various characters’ leitmotifs, running motifs at certain tempos - BPM - based on the average speed of Zátopek on the running tracks, allusions to folk melodies, processed effects, raw piano, orchestra, voice, samples and combinations of them all.

The story as told by the LP follows a slightly different sequence than on the silver screen. Motifs have been shortened, expanded or merged so as to ensure that the soundtrack works independently as a whole.

All of the demo tracks were created at the Czechmate studio of Beata Hlavenková, who recorded the orchestral part with the sCore Orchestra under the baton of conductor Michaela Rosza Růžičková at the music studio of Czech TV; the final mix was created by sound engineer Michal Pekárek and the album was mastered by Matouš Godík.

“Working on the album was a very beautiful task – demanding, but all the more exciting. I enjoyed touching on the folk songs that were popular with Emil and Dana, I enjoyed working musically with his running pace, I enjoyed looking for a musical expression that would befit this exceptional film – and I enjoyed the thought of sending out into the world at least a fractional sample of our musical heritage, just as Zátopek and his achievements represent us in the world. I enjoyed working with sounds, piano, sound design, orchestra, trio and combining everything together. I think that courage is the common thread for the entire plot and the characters, as well as for the creators of this film,” says Beata Hlavenková.

The Zátopek Soundtrack is released digitally and on LP. Limited edition includes a 180-gram deep-red vinyl and 16-page story booklet with large-scale photographs from the film. The album cover was designed by Aleš Najbrt and Jakub Spurný from Studio Najbrt.

Zátopek Soundtrack is available at online digital and streaming services:

May 7 2021

Multi-instrumentalist Tomáš Dvořák aka Floex releases already his fifth game soundtrack. This time for the Polish adventure game Papetura, the long-awaited debut of developer Tomasz Ostafin. Although Dvořák has extensive experience with composing soundtracks for Amanita Design studio, Papetura differs in its genre range and choice of instruments.

"For each such project, I always try to create my own sound musical universe. The music in Papetura is deliberately cleaner, closer to a contemporary neoclassical sound. In simple terms, we could say that I made a simple soundtrack based on piano and bowed string instruments. I think it fits the world of Papetura perfectly. It also has something to do with the wooden quality of the various instruments shaping the sound of the soundtrack. They connect very well with the paper world of Papetura," says Floex, who invited cellist Tomáš Jamník and violinist Eva Jamníková to collaborate on the album.

It took six years for Petums, i.e. Tomasz Ostafin, to breathe life into the world of glue and paper with a play about the characters of Pape and Tura and their battle against monsters. The music reflects the fragility of paper, the fear of loneliness and destruction, as well as hope and friendship.

Floex himself knows Papetura by heart, and not just from a musical point of view: "You have to play the game for which you are composing music many times, ten times, a hundred times. All the possibilities of what the player will do have to be fine-tuned. It may not be playing in the classic sense of the word, but it’s certainly not a separate process. With Papetura, the situation was a little more complicated because of the manual process of making an advenure game, but you had to test and rehearse over and over again."

Papetura Soundtrack features nine mostly ambient neoclassical pieces, the master was taken care of by Matouš Godík. The 180-gram vinyl in pink marble colours also includes three large-format prints with scenes from the game. Papetura Soundtrack is released in digital format on 7 May by the Czech label Minority Records, with the label launching the vinyl album pre-sales on its e-shop on the same day, with a release date of 18 June.

Papetura Soundtrack is available at online digital and streaming services: