May 7 2021

Multi-instrumentalist Tomáš Dvořák aka Floex releases already his fifth game soundtrack. This time for the Polish adventure game Papetura, the long-awaited debut of developer Tomasz Ostafin. Although Dvořák has extensive experience with composing soundtracks for Amanita Design studio, Papetura differs in its genre range and choice of instruments.

"For each such project, I always try to create my own sound musical universe. The music in Papetura is deliberately cleaner, closer to a contemporary neoclassical sound. In simple terms, we could say that I made a simple soundtrack based on piano and bowed string instruments. I think it fits the world of Papetura perfectly. It also has something to do with the wooden quality of the various instruments shaping the sound of the soundtrack. They connect very well with the paper world of Papetura," says Floex, who invited cellist Tomáš Jamník and violinist Eva Jamníková to collaborate on the album.

It took six years for Petums, i.e. Tomasz Ostafin, to breathe life into the world of glue and paper with a play about the characters of Pape and Tura and their battle against monsters. The music reflects the fragility of paper, the fear of loneliness and destruction, as well as hope and friendship.

Floex himself knows Papetura by heart, and not just from a musical point of view: "You have to play the game for which you are composing music many times, ten times, a hundred times. All the possibilities of what the player will do have to be fine-tuned. It may not be playing in the classic sense of the word, but it’s certainly not a separate process. With Papetura, the situation was a little more complicated because of the manual process of making an advenure game, but you had to test and rehearse over and over again."

Papetura Soundtrack features nine mostly ambient neoclassical pieces, the master was taken care of by Matouš Godík. The 180-gram vinyl in pink marble colours also includes three large-format prints with scenes from the game. Papetura Soundtrack is released in digital format on 7 May by the Czech label Minority Records, with the label launching the vinyl album pre-sales on its e-shop on the same day, with a release date of 18 June.

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April 9 2021

Tomáš Dvořák aka Floex releases the single Pape And Tura from the upcoming game soundtrack of the adventure game Papetura by Polish developer Tomasz Ostafin.

It took six long years for Petums, i.e. Tomasz Ostafin, to fulfil his dream and present his paper world in the logical adventure game Papetura to the gaming public. No wonder. From the scenery, through small details or the nebula, to the main characters of the friends Pape and Tura, everything was made from paper with glue and subsequently animated.

"It often takes many years to create games, especially the independent ones; we have been in contact with Tomasz for perhaps five years. At the beginning, we talked about him using music already composed by me, but when the project started taking shape, it was clear that full cooperation would emerge. It is admirable that Tomasz creates virtually everything, except for sound and music, himself. And so it may take a little longer. It was interesting to see how his concept deepened, how an innocent idea became an impressive realization. We have been working more intensively on the project for the last three years. The joint work took place in waves, periods of greater calm were followed by intense work which was alternated by reflection. We didn’t want to rush anything, we wanted to give it as much time as the thing needed," says Floex.

The topic could not be more current. Papetura is based on Ostafin’s life experiences, it tells about fighting loneliness and finding new friendships. The story without words speaks to the player with its breathtaking arrangement, play of light and shadow and, above all, Floex’s musical accompaniment.

Although the single Pape And Tura is quite dramatic, just like the effort of Pape and Tura to prevent monsters, darkness and scorching fire from destroying their delicate paper world, the whole album has rather ambient neoclassical feeling.

"Pape And Tura clearly stands out thanks to Tomáš Jamník’s violoncello and Eva Jamníková’s violin. The composition is very significant in the game and accompanies the crucial moments in its development. The name suggests that it has something to do with the central characters of Papetura, whose bond is being tested at the given moment," adds Floex on the single.

Pape And Tura is available at online digital and streaming services: