October 10 2020

Four new tracks accompanied by live videos are being published by Zabelov Group. The Czech-belarusian duo comprised of multi-instrumentalist Jan Šikl and singer accordionist Roman Zabelov yet again invited film maker Tomáš Vlček for a collaboration. Madhouse Session is the second recording released under the Minority Records label after the album Eg (2018).

While the previous album Eg is a precisely puzzled highly-developed studio piece which came into being at multiple locations with contributions by various artists and did not allow for all the tracks to be performed live due to its demanding nature, Madhouse Session is a live recording of concert preparations which were also partly introduced live e.g. at the German Jazzclub Tonne or as a support for Portico Quartet at the Spectaculare festival.

“Madhouse Session had a strong ambition to emancipate itself in the process of recording. Most of the old pieces were the work of Matouš Godík, which was noticeable in the sounds and we were very happy with the collaboration. However, we needed to try the sound production ourselves. From samples to master recording it was up to us, everything was created in a home studio where we rehearse. We have to say that we are happy with the result. It turned out that limits are often opportunities for new and interesting solutions. We feel that we finished the process of a sort of musical emancipation“ says Šikl.

EP Madhouse Session is comprised of four tracks, the name originates from the constricted atmosphere in society and personal feelings of isolation. Spoviedz carries within itself a hope and quiet pain, which turns itself into a shout and a courage to fight, Sun is a pulsing cinematic cycle, I’m OK talks about a spiritual transformation from affect into a state, which we call normal, Juli processes communication with a person who does not pay you enough attention and thus begins a complex verbal fight.

Roman Zabelovs’ vocals are also used on the largest scale so far in Madhouse Session: “I always felt a little insecure about my singing, but for a long time I have lacked the courage to go to a professional and seek help. Last year I was finally brave enough and had the opportunity to attend opera singing lessons at HAMU. It was an unbelievable experience, we learned how to breath and how to create a full, clear sound. I am very grateful for this opportunity, thinking back on it I realize how needed was the technical and psychological help I have received, “ adds Zabelov.

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July 10 2020

Minority Records happily announce release of Pilgrims Soundtrack, a short set of immitative and joyful compositions by Tomáš Dvořák (Floex), produced for Amanita Design's new adventure game named Pilgrims. Pilgrims is a short non-linear adventure game set in a charming little kingdom, inspired by old Central and Eastern European fairy tales and, partially, John Steinbeck’s books. It tells the story of Tramp, Granny, Bandit and Devil, four different characters each with their own quirks and perks, who eventually end up roaming the land together, dealing with strangers and helping each other out.

The game’s key gameplay mechanic was inspired by a puzzle featured in Samorost 3, one of Amanita’s previous titles, in which players were required to solve a problem by experimenting with the interaction of various playing cards. The player would then be rewarded with gentle humor, a funny animation accompanied by sounds. Pilgrims is therefore filled with all sorts of surprising, lighthearted situations, encouraging the player to try out different combinations since many problems can be solved in a number of different ways.

Pilgrims Soundtrack is available at online digital and streaming services: Deezer, Spotify, Apple Music, Juno, Google Play, Amazon, Youtube Music