July 10 2020

Minority Records happily announce release of Pilgrims Soundtrack, a short set of immitative and joyful compositions by Tomáš Dvořák (Floex), produced for Amanita Design's new adventure game named Pilgrims. Pilgrims is a short non-linear adventure game set in a charming little kingdom, inspired by old Central and Eastern European fairy tales and, partially, John Steinbeck’s books. It tells the story of Tramp, Granny, Bandit and Devil, four different characters each with their own quirks and perks, who eventually end up roaming the land together, dealing with strangers and helping each other out.

The game’s key gameplay mechanic was inspired by a puzzle featured in Samorost 3, one of Amanita’s previous titles, in which players were required to solve a problem by experimenting with the interaction of various playing cards. The player would then be rewarded with gentle humor, a funny animation accompanied by sounds. Pilgrims is therefore filled with all sorts of surprising, lighthearted situations, encouraging the player to try out different combinations since many problems can be solved in a number of different ways.

Pilgrims Soundtrack is available at online digital and streaming services: Deezer, Spotify, Apple Music, Juno, Google Play, Amazon, Youtube Music

March 6 2020

Sně, album of a multi-genre musician, composer as well as producer Beata Hlavenková accepted very well by critics will sound from vinyl. After the album named Theodoros (2013) this is the second vinyl disc of Hlavenková published by Minority Records.

„I am very pleased that Sně will be available not only for the fans of the alternative poetical pop with jazz as well as folk elements, but also for a growing number of gramophone fans. Theodoros vinyl album will have a sibling pressed by the same record label. Dan Dudarec, as great music lover, devotes the most intensive and quality care to vinyl production, ” says Hlavenková.

The fifth album called Sně is undoubtedly a milestone disc for Beata Hlavenková. In the scope of her solo carrier, she presents herself in the role of a singer and lyrics writer for the first time. Besides own lyrics, Beata sings also poems of Bohuslav Reynek and Petr Borkovec.

The Slovak multiinstrumentalist Oskar Török, known from the formation Vertigo, Points Septet of Luboš Soukup or Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet participated in the disc recording in a considerable extent; in several songs, the guitar of Patrick Karpenstki (Toxique, Lake Malawi, Baromantika) will sound.

Sně were acclaimed not only by very positive reviews mentioning the new development of the creation of Beata Hlavenková; it acquired also two nominations for the Anděl Prize in the category folk and solo interpreter of the year and the nomination for Moravian Silesian cultural Jantar Prize in the category „interpreter of the year“.

Press reactions:
“…even the resignation on genre anchoring, interpreter's and author's originality are here the most precious aspect… although this disc is inconspicuous and the pop charts will probably ignore this disc, its timelessness will assure its retroactive rediscovery.“ Antonín Kocábek (Reflex)

“The Album Sně is different than the preceding instrumental records of Beata Hlavenková. It has no sense to compare, if it is more interesting than Theodóros with purely piano music. Doubtlessly, this is one of the most remarkable home discs of 2019.” Milan Tesař (UNI)

“Its album is a definitive step to become a songster being above the genres and time. It will be a real pleasure to follow her further development“.
Ondřej Bezr (Lidové noviny)

At present, Hlavenková performs as solo singer or with the band consisting of Török, Karpentski an bass guitare Miloš P. Klápště and focuses on film musing composing. Her compositions will accompany the four-part-series of the Czech Television about Božena Němcová and the film Zátopek of the director David Ondříček.

The vinyl edition of Sně is pressed by Minority Records as licensed release on white 180 gram vinyl and simultaneously in the limited edition 100 pieces on transparent 180 gram vinyl, determined for the exclusive sale in e-shop of the record label. Christening of vinyl will take place in the scope of Prague Space X Festival on 14th March 2020.