November 10th 2017

Today is the release date of an incredible Are We Now Here or Nowhere? album by Hey!zeus.i and Radimo, a duo who have teamed up to record an album that is an unconventional fusion of jazz and hip-hop. It took six long years for the final version of the Are We Now Here or Nowhere? to see the light of day and the release of this original material can be seen as the natural outcome of this long-term collaboration. The album features several other excellent musicians. For example, Hey!zeus's partner from Obba Supa, Teknical Development.IS, other unmistakable vocalists such as King Kashmere of Strange U and Stacy Epps who to date has released two albums, the Ruff Draft and The Awakening. Honza 'Watcha' Koukal is featured on bass guitar and Blue Daisy (real name Kwesi Darko) on keyboards , who has previously worked with Tricky and Snow Ghosts ; the list of his remixes include items such as the hit Night Air from Jamie Woon and Stay The Same from the works of Bonobo.

Radimo from the Champion Sound band met his producer and rapper in person for the first time a long time ago in London, and many years later recalls this meeting: When I happened to meet Hey!zeus back in 2008 in the London Jazz Café, I did not have a clue that such a paramount connection was being born. This became clear after our first studio session. I have never experienced such creative freedom in terms of an instrumentalist-producer collaboration as with him. Most tracks were recorded on the first take, so the first thing that comes to me is recorded, the initial inspiration as it were, and in most cases, it also ended in this raw form on the track. Sometimes with crazy effects, other times in several layers. Their first track recorded together was Annunaki Ninja Trials, which was released in a digital form as early as 2011, revealing where their joint creative efforts were heading, i.e. combining free jazz and hip-hop with a more classic jazz form and a large dose of psychedelia.

The basis of each fragment, as previously mentioned, was their jam sessions that were always recorded and followed by the edge grinding stage. In addition to sound experimenting, the melodic preludes gradually came to the forefront, creating a form of bridging of these rumble loops. Radimo also played a wide range of wind instruments (alto and soprano saxophones, flutes) percussion, keyboard instruments while many sounds “came straight from his mouth” (voices, whistles). The electronics are really just an allusion that sort of hang around; even then individual tempos and beats were created in other ways than by programming. Are We Now Here or Nowhere? talks to the audience with sweeping instrumentation and the voices themselves (and not only those of the guest protagonists) often become another instrument used to create the final version of a given composition. Individual jazz forms blend into each other, from free variations through to contemporary cuttings right to the wood, the most traditional form. Their counterparts are the hip-hop building elements and Hey!zeuse´s studio work.

2LP [180 gram LP on black vinyl] can be purchased in the online store now.

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April 14th 2017

At the beginning of this year, Khoiba returned after a long break. To be precise, it was 14 January when they published an updated status on their Facebook page, showing a new group photo along with the announcement of a new single in the pipeline. The single, called Stoke The Fire, premiered today, courtesy of the Deezer streaming service, Spotify and the iTunes and Google Play online platforms. Consequently, we should wait for the release of their long-awaited third album through Minority Records, which is scheduled for next year.

“The best way I can put it is that we have missed the stage. For myself, I can say that I have tried musical collaborations with all kinds of people, but I feel most at home when it comes to the music we make together with Filip. Honestly, on my part, the music includes the power of nostalgia. I have set Khoiba in the previous era into a very intense period of my life, and judging by the responses to our comeback, I believe I am not alone," said Ema Brabcová smiling in reaction to the comeback, before adding: “Basically, it somehow shaped our lives. I have associated Khoiba with by far my most favourite place in the world — my parents’ cottage in Brdy. This is where the core of Khoiba´s music has been created. Maybe there is no need for any explanation; it simply makes sense to me without giving it too much thought!”

Khoiba were unexpectedly plunged into silence after the release of their second album Mellow Drama when the paths of the two main members — Ema Brabcová and Filip Míšek — parted. The first (although indirect) hint of a comeback was the new remix of the single Ohio (Asymmetric Rework) by techno producer Inigo Kennedy, which was released in a limited edition on a twelve-inch single on the Belgian label Token. The single quickly sold out and the remix went on to become a club hit in Benelux last year. The duo have now returned to working in the studio and aim to build on the initial phase of their collaboration while incorporating the new musical knowledge gained from their previous projects. Stoke The Fire is ,therefore a new starting point for a future album. Stoke The Fire is based on the sound of Khoiba. Ema´s ethereal voice has not lost any of its attraction and urgency over time and is boosted by equally ingenious, slightly mysterious lyrics that allow for reflection and reminiscences of personal feelings. In the meantime, Filip also gained new experiences, especially as Dikolson, so Stoke The Fire is interlaced with much more intense experimental electronics which he uses with ease. The single gradually culminates and tightens the atmospheric noose. Khoiba´s core fans were therefore suddenly given an unexpected taster for the new album and it will be fascinating to see how the finished version will sound.

Stoke The Fire single is available at these online digital and streaming services: Deezer, Spotify, iTunes, Beatport, Boomkat, Juno, Google Play, Amazon.